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Heavy Duty Steel Barrel with stove kit installed.
Okay, here is the story on this item... one day when I was burning some papers... never burnt anything but burnable items, but on this occassion I left the site for a few minutes to return a barrowed item and upon my return I had 10 to 12 Red Oak Fireman surrounding my burn barrel!... SURPRISE, SURPRISE!.. anyway, they were extremely gracious and informed me that my barrel was to close to a structure. (No, I have not used it since that encounter.) But before you purchase this item, you should check with your city officials to determine whether or not there are regulations that would effect the usage thereof. Also you should check with your local fire department to determine if this unit can be used in your facilities and if so, then what are the requirements for proper installation.

Editorial: We do have a great Fire Department here in Red Oak - lots of energetic young fellas. I would also say the same for our young Police Department. We always enjoy the annual National Night Out in Red Oak... this year it was on August 7, 2018 - It was a great night on the square.
Unused stove @ $85 - sold several at $100
but this is the last one and we want it gone.
This stove is in Red Oak

Call or text Eddie @ 402-305-2575
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