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Senior Center

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Red Oak Senior Center Council President - Gary Walters
... this is all we know about Gary.... yes he always has this same happy face!
Name:  Gary Walters

Red Oak Senior Center Manager - Carolyn Lombard
- got her best morning picture here ... otherwise she gets grumpy in the afternoon!
Name: Carolyn Lombard
Birth Place:
Youth Activities:
Adult Career:
Adult Activities:
Current Status/Activities:
Red Oak Senior Center Council

Our Council is VERY enthusiastic!.. or maybe it's a hold up!.. I'm not really sure.
Red Oak Senior Center
2700 N 4th St, Red Oak IA 51566
Montgomery County History Center complex
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712-623-3497 / email:
204 S Broadway St, Red Oak IA 51566
(United Group Insurance/Real Estate office building)
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