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Kubota Starter

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Original Manufacturer: Denso (for Kubota)
Kubota Starter: 16871-63012
Part Number: HT15504-63010
OEM Number: 15504-63010
Cross Reference with OEM Part Numbers: 15504-63010, 15504-63011, 15504-63012, 16612-63012, 16871-63010, 16871-63011, 16871-63012, 19269-63010, 19269-63011
Fits Model: B2150D, B2150E, B2150HSD, B2150HSE, F2400 MOWER, FZ2100 MOWER, G1700 MOWER, G1800 MOWER, G1900 MOWER

Description: from parted-out Kubota GH1800 - tests good
Compare new Price: on internet at $130 to $300, and more
Our Price: $70 (USA S&H included)
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