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Honda 400ex

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Manufacturer: Honda
Model #: 400ex
Year: 1999
Don't let the year fool you!..this bad boy could pass for a very late model. Newer, Bigger engine - will do wheelies (that's the claim, but unproven by me!)
Compare Price: ... on similar units at $2,800 and lots higher!
Our Price: $1,950 - would consider an offer or a trade for item of similar or greater value
Description: lots of options...
new tires (all four)
very clean
and has been very well cared for with regular maintenance...
...  this can be a really big value.
Located in Red Oak Iowa

The ‘90s were the dark ages in ATV history. Sport quads vanished, ATV manufacturers retreated and the forces of mediocrity and bureaucracy advanced, threatening to overrun anyone who dared to ride a quad for the pure joy of it. Then, in model year 1999, that entire era came to a close with the appearance of one ground-breaking machine: the Honda TRX400EX. From that point on, the sport would never be the same!
The Honda 400 was a game changer on several levels. First, it was the first sport ATV in 10 years. Throughout the ’90s, most new ATVs came with racks, while racers continued to recycle old two-strokes from the glory days. Yamaha continued to make the Banshee and the Blaster during this period, but there was nothing new on the sport horizon. And the EX was a four-stroke, the forebearer of today‘s potent 450s.
The fact that the machine remains in Honda’s line to this day is a testimony to the machine’s perfect fit into the modern ATV market.

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