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Computer Basics

Do you have a computer but don't know how to make use of many of the features?.. or maybe you don't have a computer at all, but would consider buying one if you were educated on how to use it? We are planning on offering an Open Forum Session on "Computer Basics".
We will discuss such topics as:
  1. What types of Computers - phones, laptops, towers, ?
  2. Where to buy?.. new, used? and how much  to pay?.. local, B&M, internet, etc.?
  3. How to understand software and features?Windows, etc.?Memory?Disk Storage?speed
  4. What applications are practical for me?
  5. How do I "get on" the Internet (wireless only) and "surf"?
  6. How can I use internet to do banking, pay bills, etc.?
  7. How can I store my pictures on the computer?
  8. How can I use it for email and Social Media ?
  9. Can I replace Cable TV with Internet TV?... movies, news, etc
  10. How can I use it for eBay and other websites offering products?
  11. How can I set up PayPal to minimize credit card fraud, etc.?
... and any other questions and topics that come from the attendees.

There is no cost for this session, although we will discuss the possibility of offering a training class (or classes) for a nominal fee, if there is sufficient interest.

Be advised that this Open Forum session is open to anyone, and not just seniors. Although we want to assure seniors that are interested in attending, that the focus is on seniors so they they need not feel intimidated by young whipper-snappers

For additional information, Contact Us and be sure to reference your interest in the Computer Basics presentation

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