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Southwest Iowa Seniors
Encouraging area senior citizens to socialize and to be involved
Providing meals, activities and products for Southwest Iowa area Senior Citizens
2700 N 4th St
Red Oak IA
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So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God!
Corinthians 10:31
The soothing tongue is a tree of life,
but a perverse tongue crushes the spirit
Proberbs 15:4
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Assembly of God Red Oak, Craig Larsen, 1005 Senate Ave, Red Oak - Facebook
Bethlehem Lutheran Church, George Hooper, 1101 E Summit St, Red Oak - Facebook
Church of Christ, Mel Smith, 202 Main St, Elliott - Facebook
Church of Christ,    ,1880 State Highway 48, Red Oak
Crossroads Community Church,   ,  303 E Oak St, Red Oak
Elliott United Methodist Church,  Terry McClain,  201 Linden St,  Elliott
Evangelical Covenant Church,   ,  308 Eastern Ave,  Stanton
Faith Community Church,  David Mac Donald,  2701 N 8th St,  Red Oak
First Baptist Church,  Martha Heckert,  2300 N 8th St,  Red Oak
First Christian Church,    , 1909 E Summit St, Red Oak - Activity/Event
First Congregational UCC,    , 608 E Reed St, Red Oak
First Covenant Church,    , 207 E Hammond St, Red Oak
First United Methodist Church, - minister - , 600 E Hammond St, Red Oak - Facebook
Grace Baptist Church,  Gary Walters,  1510 N 6th St,  Red Oak
Hawthorne Church,   ,  700 E Oak St,  Red Oak
Hope For Life Church,  Dale Miller,  300 E Oak St,  Red Oak
Mamrelund Lutheran Church,  Eric Kutzli,  410 Eastern Ave,  Stanton - Facebook
Oaks Community Church,  Paul Shores,  1494 170th St,  Red Oak
Presbyterian Church,   ,  109 S 3rd Ave,  Villisca
Presbyterian Church,  Caryn Pedersen,  511 W Coolbaugh St,  Red Oak
St Marys Catholic Church,  Tom Kunnel,  1510 Highland Ave,  Red Oak
Villisca Advent Christian Church,   ,   300 S 2nd Ave,  Villisca
Villisca United Methodist Church,  Gordon Scott,  203 S 3rd Ave,  Villisca - Facebook
Red Oak Senior Center
2700 N 4th St, Red Oak IA 51566
Montgomery County History Center complex
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